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Provider for the Faker package to generate placeholder images and more.

Project description


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Provider for Faker to generate placeholder images with cairo.

  • Includes a random color generator forked from the Python port of randomColor.js
  • Provides a simple CLI to generate image files or just colors in the terminal
  • Generated images show size, aspect ratio and a simple geometry


$ pip install faker-graphics

Usage with Faker and/or Factory-Boy

Register the provider with Faker

The faker-graphics provider will reuse Faker's random instance.

from faker import Faker
from faker_graphics import Provider

fake = Faker()

Alternatively register the provider with Faker via Factory-Boy

import factory
from faker_graphics import Provider


Using the "placeholder_image" fake

After registration the "placeholder_image" fake is available. It returns a PNG image as bytes.

from faker import Faker

fake = Faker()
data = fake.placeholder_image()
assert data[:6] == b'\x89PNG\r\n'

placeholder_image() accepts the following optional arguments:

  • width: image size in pixels, default: 256
  • height: image size in pixels, default: 256
  • hue: influence the color randomizer, e.g. a hue name like "green", "blue", "pink" (see fgr colormap command below) or a number in a 360° spectrum, default: None results in random color
  • luminosity: "random", "bright", "dark", "light", default: Luminosity.light

Usage with Factory-Boy/Django

import factory

class ModelWithImageFactory(factory.django.DjangoModelFactory):
    class Meta:
        model = 'models.ModelWithImage'

    image = factory.django.FileField(

CLI Usage

The CLI provides sub commands for various tasks.

$ fgr --help
Usage: fgr [OPTIONS] COMMAND [ARGS]...

  faker_graphics commandline interface.

  -v, --verbose  Increase verbosity.
  --help         Show this message and exit.

  color     Show random colors in your terminal.
  colormap  Show colormap used by random color generator as JSON.
  image     Generate a placeholder image with random hue.

All subcommands provide their own --help messages!

Generate an image via CLI

Create image files or write to stdout using - as OUTPUT.

$ fgr image sample.png green --size 640 320 --luminosity dark

Example Image

Show colormap

The colormap command returns the whole colormap as JSON; you could use jq to extract the known hue names.

$ fgr colormap | jq "keys_unsorted"

Generate random colors

Generate one or multiple random colors. Colors are returned as HSV/B values and shown as background color if your terminal supports it.

$ fgr color pink --count 3 --luminosity light --sorted
 hsv(328, 30, 98) rgb(249, 174, 214) #f9aed6
 hsv(334, 55, 97) rgb(247, 111, 170) #f76faa
 hsv(344, 26, 100) rgb(255, 188, 206) #ffbcce

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